Koch named Fawell’s DPW super

By Pat Maurer

Review Correspondent


“His six month probationary period is over,” said Farwell Village Council Member Barb Roe, “And I think it is time we give him the title of DPW Superintendent/Supervisor.”

The Council agreed and voted unanimously to approve John Koch as head of the DPW. Koch took over as interim Supervisor when former DPW head Aaron Moline retired last spring.

Not everyone agreed however. When the matter came up at the Committee of the Whole Meeting in October, Council member Vicky Gunden said she did not agree. “The council discussed this at the Committee of the Whole on October 23, 2012 and I expressed at that time that we should continue our search for someone to fill that position. The only reason it was unanimous [at the regular meeting November 5] was because I was not there to vote. The council members all knew that I would have voted against John getting the position.” She continued, “I feel we should continue looking for someone more qualified to fill the position of superintendent/supervisor than John Koch.”

The council did not approve a proposal to update the Village’s Lease agreement with AT & T.

Clerk Janet Conlay reported that the request came from another company, “Md7. “It has been determined that this is a third party solicitation approved by AT&T. It is an option, not a requirement,” Conlay said, agreeing that the changes would give the third party power over the Village tower, something board members were not willing to do. They agreed not to consider the matter.

Koch reported at the meeting that the Village will receive approximately $1,500 of the $3,541.25 costs to update lighting back as a rebate and that the energy savings would pay the other costs back in just under two years.

He also said a $2,750 bid for the Ford Truck had been accepted.

In other business:

*The Village will have a drop box for Toys for Tots in the Village office. The toy distribution is scheduled for December 15, Conlay said.

*Minutes for October 1, 11, 15 and 23 were all approved by the Council.

*The Council approved the payment of October bills totaling k$62,855.31.