Kristine’s announces makeover winners

April 26, 2013

Betty LaPratt has been judged winner of the Kristine’s Hair and Tan’s complete makeover contest. LaPratt’s entry was submitted by Jennifer Wale, LaPratt’s stepdaughter, who outlined in her letter a series of tragic events and how LaPratt has spent her last sixteen years taking care of everyone else and doing little for herself.
As the winner, LaPratt will receive a full makeover from Kristine’s, Avon products from Crystal Furman, two handmade pillows from Karen, a gift certificate from Herrick House and $50 from The Clare County REVIEW.
Runners-Up were Patsy Thrush and Kathleen Croft.  Thrush was nominated by her daughter Holly Thrush, who has three kids of her own, and recently adopted six more children. A whirlwind of activity, Thrush takes care of the children, volunteers for many organizations, and in the last year took care of her husband who had cancer. He eventually lost his life in February.
Croft will receive a mini-makeover from Kristine’s, movie rentals from Jack of All Trades and $50 from The Clare County REVIEW.
Melissa Schlicht nominated Kathleen Croft, because she is one of the hardest working people she knows. She has three jobs, volunteers at church and takes care of her elderly parents. He husband recently lost his job, which has caused a great deal of financial pressure on the family.
Croft too will get a mini-makeover from Kristine’s, movie rentals from Jack of All Trades and $50 from The Clare County REVIEW.
Kristine Geeck, owner of Kristine’s said she set out to help people who have gone through a great loss, given their time to care for loved ones, or those who have been struggling with a loss, low self-esteem, an illness or just completely down on their luck. She was surprised at the number of nominees she received.
“I was so grateful to be able to help these great women,” said Geeck. “Thanks to all those that took the time to write and the businesses that contributed gifts to this very worthwhile contest,” she added.

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