Kushion retires from CMDHD

8-2-13 Kushion retiresAfter 25 years in Public Health, the last 23 years with Central Michigan District Health Department (CMDHD), Mary L. Kushion, will be retiring on September 13, 2013. Mary has served as the Health Officer (Director) of the department for the past 20 years. She started her career at Mid-Michigan District Health Department as the Director of Supportive Services in 1988 and transferred over to CMDHD 18 months later.

Under Mary’s direction, Central Michigan District Health Department has successfully been accredited through the State of Michigan four times and is the first in the state to complete the national public health accreditation process. In addition, her vision and determination to “not be last”, she created the Together We Can Initiative in 2010 to engage the community in improving the health status of the six counties she oversees. She has been invited to speak across the United States presenting on best practices and success surrounding this initiative.

Mary also serves on many state and national workgroups and coalitions; some of this work will continue after her retirement.
“I will certainly miss the staff and working with our many community partners” states Kushion, “But I know the Central Michigan District Health Department’s work to provide services and promote wellness will continue after I retire. I look forward to going out and sharing the Central Michigan story and my experience with those who are experiencing similar community health challenges.” Kushion added. Her dedication to public health is admired.

As Mary’s career with Central Michigan District Health Department ends, Steve Hall’s career begins. Steve Hall will begin with CMDHD on August 12th and he will assume the duties of Health Officer on September 14, 2013. Steve is already familiar with the Central Michigan area. He completed an internship with the department in 1998. Recently, he has served as Acting Health
Officer of the Jackson County Health Department. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Ferris State University and his Master’s Degree from Independence University, California College of Health Sciences. He was chosen by the Central Michigan District Health Department Board of Health and approved as the new Health Officer by the Michigan Department of Community Health.

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