Local attorney publishes book on divorce

Local attorney, Joseph T. Barberi, is officially an author today. He announced the release of his new divorce book, The Divorce Book: What Every Michigan Married Man or Woman Needs to Know, giving Michiganian’s most of the information they need to know about divorce in the palm of their hands.

Joseph T. Barberi’s book is designed to help Michigan residents understand the ramifications of divorce. His book guides readers through decisions such as whether to consult a lawyer, where to begin when they feel like their marriage cannot be saved, and how to approach the issues dividing parenting time and custody. This book covers the emotional, financial, and legal aspects of divorce, and answers questions like, “How do I protect myself financially if I am going through a divorce?” and “How much will my divorce case cost in terms of attorney fees and expense?”

A Kindle version of The Divorce Book is now available for $9.95 at Amazon.com BN.com. Printed copies will be available for $16.95 plus S&H at BN.com, Amazon.com, and WordAssociation.com in 30 days.

Joseph T. Barberi, a native to Mt. Pleasant, earned his undergraduate degree at Central Michigan University (CMU). After honorably serving in the United States Navy, he attended Detroit College of Law, where he graduated with honors. Mr. Barberi has now been practicing law in Mount Pleasant for more than thirty years