Locals display art at library

March 15, 2013

3-15-13library2At the first annual Art in the Stacks art show at the Surrey Township Public Library local artists displayed their work March 9 from 6-8 pm.  Guests were able to browse through several pieces ranging in size from super small to larger than a person.  Artist Charlie Rich put on a polymer clay demonstration and several others made themselves available for questions and comments throughout the evening.  Surrey Township Public Library would like to acknowledge the following artists for contributing to the show:  Dave Clark, Kim Clark, Summer Clark, Thela Clark, Roger DeLoach, Destinee DeSmith, Makaila Desmith, Mary DeSmith, Joshua Hart, David M. Johns, Katherine D. Johns, Mark Kanoff, Tim Kanoff, Marilyn Kuebler, Joshua C. Olgine, Rod Nash, Mike Reid, Patricia Reid, Charlie Rich, Christian Rich, Debby Veasey, and Julie B. Wells.  If you have any questions about the artwork displayed or any of the artists, please contact Summer Clark at the library, 989-588-9782.

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