Man rescued from flood waters

April 17, 2014

By Pat Maurer

Power was cut to about a dozen homes along the Muskegon River in Redding Township Wednesday afternoon and one resident was evacuated from the badly flooded area, Clare County Emergency Director Jerry Becker reported Thursday morning.

“The power was cut to protect Consumer’s emergency workers who were securing floating propane tanks at the mostly seasonal cabins and houses,” Becker said. “People don’t realize those tanks will float in flood waters and the electric connections to the houses would travel through the flood waters and jeopardize the lives of the workers.”

Becker said he wasn’t sure how many homes were affected because the area is remote and was checked by Emergency Services from the air.

He said he drove into the area as far as he could Wednesday afternoon and the man who was evacuated walked out to his county vehicle wearing hip boots. “We brought him to a Clare hotel,” Becker said. “Those houses were completely surrounded by water.”

Residents along the Muskegon that have been displaced by the flooding or power outages can go to the Spring Hill Camps in Evart at 7717 95th Avenue, Evart or contact the American Red Cross at 231-796-6562.

Citizens should report any damage to their insurance company, Becker said. For more information visit the Emergency Management website or call 989-539-6161.

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