McGuire Chevy in midst of $500k makeover

October 11, 2012

By Pat Maurer

Review Correspondent


Three months from now, you won’t believe the change in McGuire’s Chevrolet in Clare.

Monday marked the beginning of a half million dollar renovation to the dealership, a landmark in the area since 1945. “Our customers deserve this new, finer facility,” said Sales Manager Steve McDowell.

It will be new, inside and out, with new offices, new restrooms, a new showroom featuring an enlarged customer waiting area, a new customer service drive (customers will be able to drive right up to the service desk inside), and a unique new sales drive (buyers will be able to pick up their new vehicle inside and drive it home without dealing with bad weather at all). All this and a completely updated exterior featuring Chevy’s big blue arch, silver and blue steel panels and a new facelift with fresh paint on the exterior.

Many small town dealerships wouldn’t do all this, McDowell said. “We want to be more than the typical small down dealer. We want to have small town ethics, atmosphere and personality with ‘big town’ dealership convenience.”

The project started Monday morning and will be complete in three months, owner Tom Kleinhardt said. The interior should be complete in two months and the exterior will probably take another month.  The construction will be by Wolverine Building Group of Grand Rapids.

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