MEAP scores improve at area schools

February 15, 2013

By Pat Maurer

Review Correspondent

Fall MEAP scores (the Michigan Educational Assessment Program) have improved for most students in the five Clare-Gladwin Regional Education Service District compared to the totals in the 2011 fall tests, but the five school’s proficiency average still falls behind the State in math in all grades (fifth through eighth).

Reading averages for the five schools – Clare, Harrison, Farwell, Gladwin and Beaverton —   were much higher, but except for fifth grade, the five school averages were below the State average score.

Science scores in the RESD followed the trend, averaging a couple of percentage points down in the fifth grade tests and just over one percent lower in the eighth grade scores.

The Social Studies tests taken by sixth graders were two percentage points above the State averages while the ninth grade results were down almost four percent.

Writing tests, taken by fourth and seventh grade students showed a much wider gap with fourth graders results almost ten percent below the State average and seventh grade results almost five percent down from the State average.


Math results were highest in Clare at the third grade level (47.9 percent proficient); in Beaverton for both fourth (54 percent) and fifth graders (48.4 percent); and in Gladwin for sixth (43.2 percent proficient), seventh (30.2 percent) and eighth grade test results (38.2 percent). Farwell and Harrison tied for the lowest math score with a 9.8 proficiency rating for eighth graders.

Farwell Superintendent Carl Seiter said, “Farwell Area Schools is not satisfied and will continue to work towards improvement.” He continued, “This school year, programs were implemented to address areas of need. Continued hard work and focus will result in the achievement levels we desire for our students. Successful systemic changes take time. For example, a program implemented in the ES last September, has increased the level of math proficiency substantially for our 3rd and 4th graders.”

Third grade proficiency percentages: Clare 47.9; Beaverton 41.9; Gladwin 34.9; Farwell 32.2; Harrison 22.2 (State average 40.9)

Fourth grade proficiency percentages: Beaverton 54; Gladwin 43.2; Farwell 40.5; Clare 30.4; Harrison 22.3 (State average 44.9)

Fifth grade proficiency percentages: Beaverton 48.4; Gladwin 47.9; Clare 26.7; Farwell 25.5; Harrison 25 (State average 45.7)

Sixth grade proficiency percentages: Gladwin 43.2; Clare 35.2; Beaverton 34.4; Farwell 23.7; Harrison 12.5 (State average 40.2)

Seventh grade proficiency percentages: Gladwin 30.2; Farwell 22.5; Clare 22.4; Harrison 20.5; Beaverton 14.3 (State average 38.4)

Eighth grade proficiency percentages: Gladwin 38.2; Clare 35.4; Beaverton 21.7; Harrison 9.8; Farwell 9.8 (State average 32.5)


In the Reading tests, Clare scored higher than the State average in every grade (3rd through 8th) and highest of the five schools in third grade (80 percent proficient); fourth (76.1 percent); sixth (79.6 percent); and in eighth grade (78.8 percent). Gladwin scored highest in the fifth grade test (76.3 percent proficient) and Harrison scored highest in the seventh grade tests (58.9 percent). The lowest scores were in Harrison’s third grade (43 percent proficient); Farwell’s seventh grade test scores (43.1 percent); and Farwell’s eighth grade tests (45.1 percent).

Third grade proficiency percentages: Clare 80; Gladwin 74.3; Beaverton 60.5; Farwell 51.1; Harrison 43 (State average 66.5)

Fourth grade proficiency percentages: Clare 76.1; Beaverton 73.6; Gladwin 69.8; Farwell 59; Harrison 52.1 (State average 68.1)

Fifth grade proficiency percentages: Gladwin 76.3; Farwell 75.3; Beaverton 75; Clare 74.1; Harrison 59.8 (State average 70.4)

Sixth grade proficiency percentages: Clare 79.6; Gladwin 67.6; Beaverton 61.3; Farwell 58.8; Harrison 54 (State average 68.2)

Seventh grade proficiency percentages: Harrison 58.9; Gladwin 58.5; Clare 57.9; Beaverton 54.6; Farwell 43.1 (State average 62)

Eighth grade proficiency percentages: Clare 78.8; Gladwin 71.5; Beaverton 62.3; Harrison 45.5; Farwell 45.1 (State average 65.7)


Clare scored best in the fifth grade Science tests with a 24.8 proficiency rating while Gladwin scored highest in fifth grade tests with a 19.5 percent proficiency rating. Both schools did better than the State average in both fifth and eighth grades. The State average for fifth grade was 13.1 percent and for eighth grade was 15.9 percent proficient. Harrison had the lowest Science scores at 4.2 proficient in fifth grade and 6.1 percent in eighth grade tests.

Fifth grade proficiency percentages: Gladwin 19.5; Clare 15.4; Beaverton 8.4; Farwell 8.2; Harrison 4.2 (State average 13.1)

Eighth grade proficiency percentages: Clare 24.8; Gladwin 23.4; Beaverton 10.3; Farwell 8.5; Harrison 6.1 (State average 15.9)

Mandy Bolen, Clare Primary Principal said, “As always, we are very proud of the work that we are doing in reading, and our scores reflect this. Like many districts, we have some work to do in the math and science areas.” She continued, “We are working closely both in grade level teams and at a building level to analyze this and other data to determine what is and is not working. Our entire staff is committed and working hard to making sure each and every child is reaching their potential, regardless of test scores.”

Social Studies:

The numbers were much higher in the Social Studies tests, with less than 30 percent of Students statewide proficient in the tests. Clare had the highest number of proficient students with 54.7 percent in sixth grade (25 percent higher than the State average) and 38.4 percent in ninth grade. Harrison scored lowest with 17.8 percent proficient in sixth grade and 13 percent in ninth grade. Both Gladwin and Beaverton also had a higher proficiency rating than the State average in sixth grade tests.

Sixth grade proficiency percentages: Clare 54.7; Gladwin 32; Beaverton 31.6; Farwell 19.3; Harrison 17.8 (State average 29.7)

Ninth grade proficiency percentages: Clare 38.4; Gladwin 26.7; Farwell 24.2; Beaverton 19.5; Harrison 13.0 (State average 28.6)


Beaverton’s fourth graders and Clare’s seventh graders scored higher than the State averages in the writing test. Beaverton had 52.9 percent of fourth graders proficient and Clare’s score was 54.2 percent proficient in seventh grade. All of the other scores were lower than the State average for fourth grade at 46.7 percent and seventh grade at 51.7 percent. Farwell’s fourth grade students scored lowest with 19.3 percent proficient and Harrison’s fourth graders were 26 percent proficient. At the seventh grade level Farwell was lowest at 35.3 percent proficient.

Fourth grade proficiency percentages: Beaverton 52.9; Gladwin 44; Clare 39.1; Harrison 26; Farwell 19.3 (State average 46.7)

Seventh grade proficiency percentages: Clare 54.2; Gladwin 47.4; Harrison 45.5; Beaverton 45.4; Farwell 35.3 (State average 51.7)

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