Meet Terry Acton – new Hayes Twp. Supervisor

September 27, 2013

9-27-13 Terry Acton 2Terry Acton, who took office as Hayes Township Supervisor on August 27th following the resignation of Raymond Augenstein, has firmly taken the reins of the Office in hand. He moved in with a purpose and a plan to help move Hayes Township forward. This will be the first time to serve in a public office for him, other than serving on the planning commission.

Mr. Acton has labored as a salesman, from his hometown of Bloomfield Hills, Mi. until his retirement, and he is familiar with the construction business, which he feels will make him more qualified in the building of the new township office. In 2008 he made the move to Harrison, area where he became aware of the poverty, blight, and degradation of the area.

His concern was and still is that the area is losing business, and workers. Housing is deteriorating. The younger people are leaving for better jobs and higher pay. To change this situation, there needs to be changes he said. The area needs to be upgraded with Water and Sewage to make it more attractive to outside businesses and industries. Although there are plenty of sites available for growth, new businesses, and new companies, those whom he has approached, had the one main question, “What about water and sewage?”

Hayes Township works closely with Harrison, which is located in the center of Hayes Township, and Clare County. Harrison has a sewer system in place, and the township could tie into it, with less cost than building another, separate septic field.

Mr. Acton stresses, “There needs to be more community involvement, more people attending the board meetings, and giving their input.” “There needs to be Voter awareness of what is happening in their township.” He welcomes all comments, and suggestions to help him do the best job possible for the future of Hayes Township. He is also looking for people to get involved by volunteering, for boards and committees.

At the present time Mr. Action and the Hayes township board, are working on building a new Township Office and a new Master Plan before moving on to other projects. He is determined to have the new Offices complete by the time snow falls.

Mr. Acton feels that those who filled the office before him did a good Job, but he will be more energetic, more involved than his predecessors. He feels he can focus more on the aspects of the job and he is determined to make a difference in Hayes Township.

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