Meth lab uncovered in Dodge City

May 11, 2012

Clare County Deputies investigating a reported assault at a Dodge City address Tuesday found more than they bargained for. A possible meth lab was discovered at the scene south of Townline Road in Hamilton Township.

Anthony Robert Schuh, 22, of Harrison was arrested on charges of manufacturing methamphetamine and having meth components. He was lodged at the Clare County Jail and arraigned on the charges Wednesday morning in 80th District Court.

Officers were called to Dodge City at 2:27 a.m. May 8 by a victim who reported he was assaulted by people at a party in Dodge City and that his bike was stolen.

Sheriff John Wilson said Wednesday morning that the man said “five to 12 people jumped him and threw his bike into a fire.”

When Deputies went to the residence, a former lumber business, to talk to witnesses, they discovered the possible methamphetamine manufacture.

After obtaining a search warrant, Deputies on the scene called in the Bay Area Narcotics Team (BAYANET) for assistance, and during the search discovered the mobile meth lab.

The lab was cleaned up by Detectives and BAYANET team members.

The assault complaint is still under investigation, Deputies said

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