Mid-Michigan Caregiver owner says raid was unjust

Donnie Hogan, owner of Mid-Michigan Caregivers in Harrison, says the the raid and resulting arrest of he and his wife last Thursday was completely uncalled for.

Detectives from the Clare County Sheriff’s Department made the arrests, claiming they had received numerous complaints that the Hogans were selling marijuana out of the business located on N.  Clare Ave. in Hayes Township. Supposedly the Hogans were selling marijuana to individuals who were not patients of the caregiver.

“This is not true,” said Donnie Hogan, who happens to be the brother of the late Anna Nichole Smith, of Playboy, Guess Jeans and television fame. “I was arrested for delivering. I didn’t even go any where, and we don’t deliver anything.”

“They found only one plant. We are allowed to have 15 ounces or 60 plants. Does that really sound like we needed to be raided.”

“They took my Mustang, which I had bought with my own money a long time ago. I thought you needed evidence to be in trouble. Now I know you can go to jail for nothing and they can take your possessions.”

“We stand behind our innocence. We will fight this all the way to the Supreme Court if need be.”


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