MMCC graduates 568 students

Mid Michigan Community College held two commencement ceremonies on May 4th to honor this year’s graduates.  In total, 568 students were eligible to receive degrees, and over 175 graduates attended the ceremonies.
MMCC Board Trustee Richard Allen spoke at the first commencement for non-health career graduates, expressing admiration at the care taken in selecting MMCC as their college of choice.  Allen also mentioned a number of successful MMCC alumni in his address. 

Donna Rapp, Senior Vice-President and Secretary of MidMichigan Health, spoke to the health career graduates during the second ceremony.  Her message conveyed a number of illustrations and tips about achieving true success in the course of one’s personal and professional life.

“We’re confident that our students leave MMCC prepared to meaningfully contribute to our communities and workforce,” said Matt Miller, MMCC’s VP of Student and Community Relations.  “We’re very proud of these graduates and their accomplishments.” 

Carl J. Avery
Heather M. Benchley
Amanda M. Biniecki
Kaleigh S. Boggs
Jamie L. Bradley
Austin M. Brady
Matthew T. Brown
Robert A. Caldwell
Jean M. Case
Candace L. Comer
Elizabeth A. Drew
Alex J. Drost
Kelsey L. Dysinger
Elliott L. Hart
Alexandria C. Hubbard
Marc Rovelle Jarstfer
Steven J. Jensen
Brian G. Johnson
Christopher A. Johnson
Cetara L. Kench
Lindsey A. Koch
Erica J. Lee
Virginia Ann Lloyd
Matthew M. Marchewka
Katie N. Martin
Aaron M. Olson
Thomas G. Perhase
Bobbi E. Prueter
Janet J. Sowle
Debra J. Spranger
Wendy M. Teeter
Sarah J. Timmins
Steven L. Tyler, II
Ricky L. Waite


Shannon M. Berger
Janelle R. Brandon
Sharron J. Brand
Stephanie M. Haggart
Nathaniel A. Hazen
Michelle L. Kennedy
Jacklyn M. King
Shelly A. Rydman
Monica D. Sysak
Chad M. Zieroff

Sarah E. Bacome
Matthew J. Buccilli
Matthew J. Chmielewski
Wesley A. Claeys
Laura E. Combs
Morgan R. Coney
Jaclyn M. Dean
Todd A. Dewulf
Alishia L. Eichhorn
Crystal B. Furman
Matthew R. Gillis
Jane A. Green
Brandi N. Harsh
Marcella J. Hilyard
Emily A. Kelly
Charles D. Lund
Andrea L. Moore
Ryan M. Nivison
Lily A. Pawlowski
Lucas G. Pfruender
Kayla L. Schunk
Angela M. Sharrow
Franklin C. Taylor
Lisa V. Thorpe-Murphy
Kelley A. Timchuck
Heather A. Vaughan

Stephanie M. Adams
Rachel A. Anderson
Wrae M. Bacon
Mary A. Beach
Brent J. Boulton
Bethany A. Gedney
Linzi K. Carlstrom
Curtis R. Crumpton, III
Nicole A. Dale
Jodi L. Daniels
Andrew J. Dashner
Jamie L. Davis
Kathryn E. DeFoy
Sandra L. Dodson
Stacy J. Esquimaux
John M. Fausett
Shauna J. Ferguson
Ashley M. Flood
Cassandra J. Fodor
Paige D. Gillie
Kristina M. Gwisdalla
Katherine Louise Hill
Cynthia M. Hodgson
Sara J. King
Ranee L. Krocker
Abby L. Laboda
Teresa B. Lane
Kelli S. Laninga
Anthony D. Laporte
Michael J. Ledford
James T. Leiter
Ashley R. Lorence
Chelsea R. McKinstray
Richard E. Meech
John Anthony Meyer
Carlie J. Money
Melissa A. Moultrie
Jennifer R. Nowland
Benjamin T. Paul
Lauren L. Perrin
Vanessa L. Phelps
James A. Piwowar, Jr.
Korey L. Priest
Alyssa R. Pruder
Amanda J. Ramey
Chelsea J. Robinson
Kathryn E. Ross
Brian L. See
Danielle M. Shafer
Rebecca S. Sharp
Samantha M. Sherman
Cheryl A. Smith
Matthew D. Smith
Meghan D. St. Germaine
M. Crystal Stacy
Helen C. Stoneburgh
Donald F. VanBonn
Angela M. VanBuren
Heather S. Vereb
Jill M. Viazanko
Carline E. Walter
Joshua M. Walters

Michelle L. Blackwell
Kaleigh Marie Blain
Melissa S. Blain
Connie F. Boyd
Michele C. Cale
John W. Groh
Cindy K. Halberda
Chad L. Hanna
Brenda S. Humphrey
Shellie J. Kelly
Shawn M. Loomis
Vincent J. Mako
Jayme L. Martin
Abrina M. McGuire
Tammy A. Morais
James C. Roland
Christina N. Sherman
Karina J. Spaugh
Jordan L. Sequin

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