Mobile Meth labs found in Harrison

If you are out walking this summer and see a plastic bottle with a white residue, white crystals or a light gray solid in it, watch out!
Don’t go near it, it could be a meth lab.
Clare County Sheriff John Wilson is warning the community to leave anything that looks suspicious alone and call Clare County Central Dispatch and let the police handle it. They are trained to recognize the labs, which have been turning up around the county. He said “It is possible for these mobile meth labs to reactivate the chemicals, making them extremely dangerous to your health.”
Wilson said several mobile meth labs were discovered April 27 in the ditch of Adams Road near Harrison Avenue in Surrey Township. Someone had dumped “25 mobile one-pot meth labs.” The area was cleaned up with the assistance of the BAYANET (the Bay Area Narcotics Enforcement Team).
May 5th, Detectives from the CCSD were tipped about a suspicious bottle in the woods on HARRISON Avenue near Washington Road in Grant Township. Detectives identified another meth lab, actually in the process of working. Again Detectives were assisted in the clean up by BAYANET responders and the CCSC Meth responder.
Wilson said he wants to thank the community for the tips and information that have led to many arrests for drugs and other crimes.
Anyone wanting to contact them can call Central Dispatch at 989-539-7166 or send a tip using the Clare County Cell Phone Application. Tips can be anonymous but if it is anonymous, as much information as possible will help Deputies in their investigation.

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