Monopoly campaign features Harrison’s Vozar

7-19-13 Monopoly launch Vozar & NicklynThe MONOPOLY® Game at McDonald’s  returns to make the most of summer by bringing Michigan residents one-in-four odds of winning, multiple ways to play and two $1 million prizes. There’s also another reason to get excited: one lucky customer could win $1 million instantly on the Big Mac®! The excitement begins in restaurants July 16 and continues in-stores until August 12 and online at www.PlayAtMcD.com  until 11:59:59 p.m. ET on August 26, 2013.

Last year, Thomas Vozar, 72, a resident of Harrison, won a $1 million prize when one morning, rather than getting his usual McDonalds Sausage Burrito, he instead ordered the McDonald’s Fruit & Maple Oatmeal, which turned out to have the lucky game winning piece.

“I would encourage everyone to play,” Vozar said. “The final piece could be on your Oatmeal and you wouldn’t even know it!”
The 2013 MONOPOLY® Game Pieces can be found on many menu favorites; and as Vozar showed, anyone has a chance.

“We hope Thomas’ story encourages customers everywhere to have some fun and take a chance in the game next year, realizing that it’s possible to win if you play,” said McDonald’s owner operator Joe Nicklyn, who owns and operates McDonald’s throughout northern Michigan. .

Joe Nicklyn (left), owner/operator of nine local McDonald’s in Gladwin, Harrison, Houghton, Mio, Oscoda, Roscommon, Rose City and Tawas, celebrates with the winner of McDonald’s Monopoly 2012, Thomas Vozar. Vozar, from Harrison, will be part of the McDonald’s Monopoly 2013 national campaign, appearing on billboards and in restaurants throughout the country.

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