Monster Gold hopes to get reality show

April 5, 2013

Monster Gold, which often has shows at the Hotel Doherty, has been working for two years pitching an idea for a weekly television series called “The Traveling Treasure Hunters”.  After being featured on many local and Michigan media outlets and in print, Monster Gold was featured on History Channel’s American Pickers last season.

Several entities are interested in the Monster Gold concept but the producers of American Pickers are acutely so.  They have contracted a Michigan film production company to film several segments  including each of the upcoming locations to assess the viability and complete a pilot episode.

There are many television series that portray certain individual aspects of the Monster Gold business but we are very unique in other ways,  said  Gregory Hetzer. We literally do it all.  Combine Pickers, Hardcore Pawn, Storage wars, Antiques Roadshow etc. and you have The Traveling Treasure Hunters.  Even better, and this is where we have an advantage, is we combine them all and follow the items featured in the show to their final home, showing the entire process from evaluation and bargaining to the final sale, added Hetzer.

Monster Gold has shows in Clare, Evart and Houghton Lake this coming weekend.  For more information check out their ad in this week’s newspaper.

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