Moore steps down to Farwell assistant principal position

September 6, 2013

By Pat Maurer

Former Farwell Elementary Principal Tim Moore has taken a step down for the coming year and will be the new assistant principal of the Elementary School.

The Farwell Board of Education created the new position last June and Moore, citing personal reasons, announced that he would apply for a transfer to the slot. Contrary to some rumors around the community, Moore was not “asked” to step down from his position as Principal.

Superintendent Carl Seiter said, “Last June, the school board approved the addition of the assistant principal position in the elementary school. With the requirements placed on public schools to perform, Farwell Area Schools decided that our focus should be student achievement. Running a building with one person does not allow you to focus on student achievement.”

Once the additional position was approved, Mr. Moore requested the transfer to the assistant principal.

Superintendent Carl Seiter said Moore will be handling student discipline and will be a contact for parents. Seiter said his office is developing a new contract for Moore, who began his duties as Assistant Principal recently.

Laurie Warner, a teacher in the building for the past 16 years, assumed her new role as Principal July 3rd.

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