Mr. Dunn goes to Washington

June 28, 2013

By Genine Hopkins

 Pastor Ron Dunn stands outside the new Church sign.  The former Harrison Church of God – now Revolution Church of God – is located on Cranberry Lake Road, just West of Grant Ave., in Harrison.

Pastor Ron Dunn stands outside the new Church sign. The former Harrison Church of God – now Revolution Church of God – is located on Cranberry Lake Road, just West of Grant Ave., in Harrison.

Revolution Church of God’s new pastor, Ron Dunn, has really dived into the community, holding family events and getting to know his congregation, but he never expected that he would end up opening the new session of Congress!  Pastor Dunn was invited by U.S. Congressman Dave Camp to go to Washington D.C., after Rep. Camp read about the new pastor’s passion and commitment to the area.

“Dave had read about how I brought my family here and how much I desire to help this community grow stronger in faith,” Pastor Dunn stated, “With a request of that magnitude and honor, how do you say no?”

The trip ended up being a family vacation, and his kids were elated to see all the great historical sites they had learned about in their studies.  It was a whirlwind, but the family was very much in awe of the entire event.

“My children’s names were read into the record and they were able to see their dad lead the prayer,” he said, “I cannot begin to express how truly blessed we feel for this honor! It was very sobering to stand where past Presidents, generals and other dignitaries stood.”

The family toured the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the entire Capital area and the Smithsonian Museum.
“We really had a great time.  It was absolutely amazing!”

Pastor Dunn has initiated several key components at the Revolution Church of God, from community pot lucks to the huge Easter Egg Hunt, and Family Movie nights that will resume in the fall, once a month on Sundays.  He is also looking forward to sponsoring Monday Night Football and College Game events for the community.   Those events will have $1 food items and a fee of $5 to join in the fun, which is returned on Sunday if you show up to Church!

He is also attempting to begin a “Man Up North” camp that he hopes to get off the ground in August, which helps men understand their roles as husbands and fathers both at the family level and the society level.  Such programs and his easy going personality that embraces all faiths as being one in God has prompted new membership at the Church, something he hopes will continue to grow.

“This trend of the male role degenerating began in the 70s, continued in the 80s and by the 90s that male role was gone in our society.  What one generation tolerates, the successive generations have normalized.  The role of the male is almost gone in many areas of our society.  Men don’t often stay on as active parents; we have so many single parent households.  Our culture now embraces that concept and it’s not positive for our children.  This male ‘revival’ will seek to help men find their way through faith to become better fathers, better husbands, hoping to restore the family that God wishes us to have. We will also continue this message throughout the year with a class titled ‘All the King’s Men’ that will keep us on track.”

As he begins to feel at home, Pastor Dunn is working to help pay for local kids to attend the denomination’s Bible Camp in Fenton, with possible plans to begin a local camp next year as well.  Demonstrating his commitment to the community, Pastor Dunn is hoping to initiate a faith based medical clinic; something that he feels is badly needed in the area.  So you can tell there’s no moss growing under his feet.   From food drives to diaper drives, the Church has been very active in supporting community members affected by the lagging economy in the area.  The Church will also be marching in the Harrison 4th of July parade.

Pastor Dunn hopes that people will come out to services to see what he has planned next and connect with others in the community to share their faith.

“This has been like a whirlwind since we arrived in November and the response has been tremendous.  I hope this outpouring from the community continues.”

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