Mud Day is Fun Play for 150

August 10, 2017

Mud flies as a couple of ladies battle it out in some friendly mud wrestling.

Mud flies as a couple of ladies battle it out in some friendly mud wrestling.

By Steve Landon

One year ago a bunch of youngsters, teenagers and brave adults ignored heavy rain and humidity to spend a relaxing Saturday in the mud – yup, Mud! That gooey sloppy mess we go out of our way to keep out of our homes, off our clothes and away from our precious vehicles has it’s own special event in beautiful Clare County called “Mud Day” where seemingly sane people play games, wrestle and roll around in a custom pit of groomed and clean mud on the grounds of the Twenty Lakes Antique Engine and Tractor Club west of Harrison on M-61. This past Saturday over 150 participants joined in the fun for the Second Annual “Mud Day”.

Presented by Harrison Chamber of Commerce and the Twenty Lakes Antique Engine and Tractor Club this year’s event drew record entries and vendors offering everything from crafts to painted tattoos, far more than last year when rains pretty much squashed attendance and all but a few vendors who showed up to dodge the drops.

Back in the mud pit participants played, relaxed and competed for prizes in tug of wars, belly crawl races, running dashes, volleyball, dodge ball, a mud pie, mud tee shirt contest and more. If a sport could be done on land chances are it could be done in the mud – the only difference is the sport was more fun and challenging in the goo. Those who opted to stay dry shot plenty of pictures from a safe clean distance, shopped and no doubt talked about finding the strongest laundry soap to deal with mud embedded clothes.

Great weather, a packed parking lot and plenty of smiles on mud-packed faces pretty much sums up Mud Day 2017. In the weeks ahead temperature will fall and the old mud pit will rest up waiting for 2018 when this truly unique event returns. If you missed it this year make sure to set the day aside for the whole family next year, you’ll be glad you did.

To learn more about “Mud Day” and the many other events in the Harrison area contact the Harrison Area Chamber of Commerce at 809 N 1st St, Harrison, MI 48625, Phone: (989) 539-6011.

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