Mushers race at Rotary

Photo by Teresa Wilcox

Mushers raced recently at Camp Rotary, 3201 S. Clare Ave., between Clare and Harrison. Events began at 11:00 a.m. Saturday, January 5, and unfortunately were cancelled Sunday, January 6 due to unsafe weather conditions for our athletes, the dogs.

Mid-Union Sled Haulers (M.U.S.H.) maintains race safety regulations that are based on maximum temperature and humidity conditions. These safety regulations help to provide a safe environment for the competitions.

Race Chairman, Tom Knoll, reported that the Boy Scout Camp Rotary Sled Dog Race had 70 entries for the various events consisting of dog sledding, weight pulling, skijoring, and the 100 yard dash. Knoll stated, “the dogs loved the opportunity to show their talent. It was unfortunate to not have the conditions for a second day on Sunday but we’ll save that for next time.

Brad Murray (camp Director) extended a open welcome for future M.U.S.H. events.” Approximately 100 spectators arriving throughout the weekend where a welcome addition to the hosted event. M.U.S.H. is looking forward to future events in Clare.


Winners of the events:


Stu Stirrett

Time: 12 minutes 8 sec.

Course was 2.9 miles


Alissa Dewey

Time: 11 minute

520 seconds

Course 2.9

5-Dog Race

Chad Kendale

Time: 31 minutes


Course: 5.8 miles


Andrew Schibelhut

Time: 27 minutes

19 seconds

Course: 6.9 miles

2 Dog Skijoring

Dave Friend

Time: 17 minutes

37 seconds

Course: 2.2 miles

1 Dog

Ric McNally

Time: 21 minutes

57 seconds

Course: 2.2 miles

100 Yard Dash

Sydney Specht

Time: 18.4 seconds

Weight Pull

Robin Clark

Dog: Paris