Nearly $1 million project complete at Surrey Lake

May 18, 2012

A $970,000 six-year dredging and improvement project at Surrey Lake is now complete, according to Clare County Drain Commissioner Carl Parks.

The project was divided into three phases with the final phase, the brand new boat ramp just completed.

Parks said the project began in 2006 with engineering, surveying and securing a ten-year bond. The actual dredging didn’t begin until 2009. “The property owners in the special assessment district at Surrey Lake paid for the dredging project,” he said.

The project was originally scheduled to be complete in one year, Parks said, “But due to breakdowns caused by obstacles in the lake including wood, ice shanties, chains, large rocks, wire and fishing line, the actual dredging lasted three years.

After a long three years, the Surrey Lake dredging project has come to a close with the final phase being the completion of the boat ramp. The Surrey Lake dredging project began back in 2006 with engineering and surveying and securing a ten year bond. The actual dredging started in 2009 with a total cost for the entire project being approximately $976,000.00. The property owners in the special assessment district at Surrey Lake paid for the dredging project.

The project was to take approximately one year to complete but due to break downs by unforeseen obstacles in the lake (wood, ice shanty’s, chains, large rocks, wire and fishing line) the project took 3 years.”

“The Surrey Lake Improvement Board had several hard decisions to make throughout the duration of this project,” Parks continued.  Anglins Civil Constructors did the dredging and Nicol & Sons built the berm on Brian Wilson’s property to hold the debris removed from the lake. “Shoreline Construction did a great job on the boat launch,” he said.

Parks said he was at the lake “almost daily” checking on the project process along with Lake Board Chair Kathy Jankowski. “She went above and beyond what she needed to, to save money.”

Parks continued, “The board as a whole had a lot to do over the past three years as did my secretary Colleen who kept track of all the files and reports.”

Jankowski said, “It’s wonderful to be able to go anywhere you want to go on the lake and everybody says how great the new boat launch area is. She added, “And, we just completed some new landscaping at the boat launch.”

She added, “We also need to recognize former Association President Remi Slabbinck. He was the one who started this whole process. He was our Association president for about 12 years, and died soon after we started this project.”

“The surrounding neighbors were all affected by this project over the past three years,” Parks said. “I understand their frustration with having the lake tied up for three years but appreciate their understanding to let us get it done. Now the lake has been restored for all the property owners and they have a new boat launch. I urge them to stop by and see what a beautiful job it is.”

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