New playground equipment for CPS

May 10, 2013

5-10-13 New playground equipment for CPSThe 2nd graders at Clare Primary School have worked very hard to help raise money to purchase new playground equipment. With the help from school staff and students, as well as Clare community members, this task was completed this previous month. After six weeks of fundraising through pop can returnables, which totaled over $500.00, there was an opportunity to purchase playground equipment for the K-4  primary school. This included, jump ropes, hula-hoops, chalk, playground balls, footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, and skip-hops. Also, each Kindergarten teacher was given an individual basket filled with equipment for his or her class. This task was part of a service-learning project, in which the students in Mrs. Knaack’s 2nd grade class learned about the importance of community, and giving back to their school community. The students learned about not only community, but also graphs and money throughout the project. The outreaching support from the Clare community members, including school personnel, helped this project be completed.

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