New veterans’ campground planned for Harrison

November 26, 2014

Former minister and Viet Nam vet Wayne Daggett is developing Veterans’ Adventures, a new campground west of Harrison.

Former minister and Viet Nam vet Wayne Daggett is developing Veterans’ Adventures, a new campground west of Harrison.

By Pat Maurer

Just west of Harrison an all new kind of campground especially for veterans and their families is being developed.

The founder, Wayne Daggett is a Viet Nam era veteran with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) and nature has always been wonderful therapy for the disorder. He said, “Sometimes I just need someplace to go and spend time outdoors, but it can be pretty expensive on a limited budget like mine. Since nothing was available for vets, I decided to start my own campground for veterans.”

Daggett, who is an ordained minister, decided, with God’s help, to provide a place where returning veterans could go and release the tension and where they could fish, hunt, canoe, snowmobile, ride a horse, swim, go on nature walks through hundreds of acres of adjoining State land; where they can four wheel, paint ball, ski, go snow-boarding, go on river tours, and more..

“We want to provide whatever activity is therapeutic to each vet so their stay will be both relaxing and memorable,” he said. For the last 20 years, Daggett said he has dedicated his life to helping veterans. He is a retired non-denominational minister, but still does some weddings, he said

With the help of the Veteran’s Administration, he found some property on the Muskegon River about 12 miles west of Harrison in Redding Township then he went to work to raise the funds to make his dream a reality. He said, “We have found a 62 acre parcel for our Veterans’ campground, for all vets and their families. It’s near Harrison with a mile of river frontage.”

The property is located south of M-61. Just past Duggan’s Canoe Livery, it is south on Cook, a right turn on Davis then a left on Main Street to an access road just past the railroad tracks on the right.

With 61 acres and a mile of river frontage and surrounded on three sides by State land, “Veterans’ Adventures” will be an ideal getaway with year-round activities.

Daggett said he is in the final stages of acquiring the property to begin development. He has a contract to purchase and begin developing the property and has raised all but $18,000 of the $150,000 needed.

He lives in Lansing, but will be moving to the Harrison area in December and will begin working on the property and raising donations for everything they will need to develop the property. “We can use almost anything, no matter how big or small,” he said.

He said donations have already begun. “We have cabins and canoes coming.” He said they hope to be open for primitive winter camping by January 15. “There’s a lot to do,” he said. “We will need tools, equipment, building materials, anything people can help with by donating.”

“We are also looking for a place to store donations,” he added. Right away we will also need the use of a truck with a plow to clear the road and make the property accessible. We already have volunteers, as well as a van, and two snowmobiles, so we will be able to help campers access the nearby ATV trails on adjoining property.”

When the campground is complete, he said, “From a basic remote tent to a RV, to a cabin, we will offer a number of choices and beat ANY competitor’s prices.” He continued, “This project will enrich the community and involve area vets.”

“Right now we are looking for help to get this project going,” he said. “We only have to raise $18,000 on the final payment to take over ownership of the property.”

For more information on the proposed new campgrounds, or to donate, call 1-813-410-5731, or visit the website: “We would also like to ask area veterans and family members to send us their favorite outdoor picture.”


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