Newly repaired Grant Twp roads reportedly damaged

April 17, 2014

Shown here is the damage to Pebble Creek on the west side of Five Lakes. Photo by M. Harmon

Shown here is the damage to Pebble Creek on the west side of Five Lakes.
Photo by M. Harmon

By Pat Maurer

Severe winter weather has damaged some of the newly chip sealed roads in Grant Township. “We have to look into repairs…to find a solution,” Grant Township Supervisor Dan Dysinger said at the regular meeting April 8.

He said the worst damage was on Elm Road, west of Grant and on Washington Road south of Maple Road.

“We have to start planning if we don’t want to have to return some of our roads to gravel,” he said, adding that, “there will probably be a township road millage request on the November ballot. “It will have to be a substantial millage” to address the problems, he said.

Dysinger said there is $220,000 in the budget for road work this year. “We will be opening bids Wednesday [April 9],” he said, “then we will know the costs for the HMA work.”

He said there could be a fund distribution for federally qualified roads.

He included in the board materials for the meeting an outline of the planned Michigan Department of Transportation work including some in Grant Township including CPM overlay on Surrey Road from Coolidge Ave to US – 127 in 2016; and work on Clare Avenue from Beaverton to Dover in 2017.

MDOT is proposing, as part of “Small Urban Priority” work from 2014 to 2017, to build a roundabout on the north end of Clare at the intersection of Colonville Road and Old 27, at a cost estimated at $1 million possibly in 2015. If they have enough funding, a second priority project that year would be 1.45 miles of wedge/overlay on Ludington Drive (Surrey Road) from US-10 to M-115 and 2.52 miles of wedge/overlay on Surrey Road from M-115 to Coolidge Avenue at a cost of $397,000 for both. A third priority project would be .7 miles of wedge overlay on Vandecar from Washington Road to M-115, at a cost of $100,000.

County Commissioner Jack Kleinhardt said, “It looks like the [State] House has agreed on a deal to put from $518 million into road funds. “Right now that is just talk though,” he added. He said the Governor has asked for $1.2 billion for road funding. “I feel there is going to be a substantial hit on new road funding,” he said. “It’s a work in progress.”

The condition of some of the roads in the township continues to be a serious concern for the township board and residents alike. Township resident Ray Brusseau told the board about extensive damage on Pebble Creek Road on the west side of Five Lakes. “It is dangerous,” he said.

The board also set a public hearing for May 13 at 7:15 p.m. to increase the township rubbish assessment from $100.00 to $110.00 for the coming year.

Before the regular meeting, the Grant Township Board held their annual meeting, approving salary resolutions, setting meeting times and places, approved procedures for special meetings and designated depositories for funds. They also reviewed the budget for fiscal year 2014-15.

The proposed revenue budget for the coming year is down by more than $280,000, from an actual 2013-14 budget of $983,239.03 to $701,700 for the coming year.

Expenditures last year totaled $758,242.92 which included the extensive work on the roads. This year’s expenditures are set at the same amount as revenues – $701,700, with $220,000 budgeted for roads.

Other changes include:

*increase Trustee fees and per diem to $126.67 per meeting;

*increase Supervisory salary to $827.93 per month with township hall maintenance at $250 per month;

*increase Supervisor Assistant wages to $10.10 per hour;

*increase election chairperson wage to $13.62 per hour;

*increase election inspector wage to $11.34 per hours;

*increase Clerk salary to $1,359.88 per month;

*increase Deputy Clerk wages to $10.10 per hour;

*increase Board of Review wages to $124.98 per full day and $12.04 per hour for extra hours;

*increase Treasurer Salary to $961.05 monthly with summer tax reimbursement at $1.85 per parcel, paid in July and September; and

*increase Deputy Treasurer wages to $10.10 per hour.

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