News from your sheriff

We currently have 159 inmates lodged in the Clare County Jail which consist of 70 local, 2 Department of Corrections, 8 Federal, and 79 State renters.  As of the end of August 2012 Central Dispatch has loaded 28,598 incidents into their dispatching software.  During the month of August 2012, your Deputies handled 2,487 incidents throughout Clare County.  There were 36 Home Invasion/Breaking and Entering complaints investigated by this department.  10 were in Hayes, 5 each in the City of Harrison, and Hamilton, 4 in Greenwood, 3 in Grant, 2 each in Farwell and Garfield, and 1 each in Freeman, Lincoln, Sheridan, Redding, and Summerfield.

We continue to work with the Clare County Commissioners on our budget.  They have a job that is not easy to say the least.  Every year we put in for “New Equipment” and have to narrow and prioritize what we are buying.  Here are some of the items we put in to replace on a yearly basis.  Every year we ask to replace 2 to 3 patrol units.  On average we put around 60,000 miles a year on a patrol unit used for county patrol.  In years past we have been able to save money when buying new units because all the equipment would transfer from an old car to the new one because they were the same make.  Ford stopped making the Crown Victoria so we had to change, thus creating more cost in replacing the patrol unit.  Another item that is asked for on an almost yearly basis are computers.  Some of the work stations in the Sheriff Department and the jail run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  What we do is try and replace the ones that are used the most on a 2-3 year basis, and the others as needed.

Our Budget is one that is re-visited several times over the course of the year due to increases or decreases in revenue and expenditures.  A couple of items we have to forecast is the cost of fuel for the patrol units and overtime for the employees.  Fuel cost are probable the hardest to predict as far as price.  We can estimate the amount of gallons on an average year used, and put a price per gallon with that and hope that they don’t find a reason to raise the price.  Overtime for employees is another area that has to be estimated on.  We could have a couple of major incidents and it could eat up the overtime funds or go an entire year where we don’t use all of the money budgeted, which is a good thing.

We always strive to find ways to save money and will continue through the future.  What I pray for is that there is enough to continue to fund the current employees we have.  We don’t ever want to be forced to cut positions, that will affect the service that is provided to you, the public.

Like Always, GOD Bless

Sheriff John S. Wilson