Owner discovers property line overlap

July 26, 2019

By Pat Maurer

A Greenwood Township property owner since last fall, Tammy Martin is now enmeshed in a property dispute with her neighbor.

Martin recently discovered that 28 feet of her property and a portion of the pond on her property is also owned by her neighbor. “Now I have to share my pond and I was supposed to have a private pond,” Martin told 9 & 10 news this week.

The discovery came when Martin installed a fence along what she believed was her property line encompassing a 330 by 264 foot lot at 1270 West Stockwell Road.

She said her neighbor told her the fence was on his property. “I went to the county (Equalization Department) and got our map and our map shows that our property lines overlapped by 28 feet.

Survey maps from the county show where her property was and also shows the changes made when it was surveyed again. She also discovered that both she and her neighbor are paying for the shared property.

She said she bought the property she was supposed to have a private pond and that was why she bought the home.

Now she wants her property surveyed to show exactly where her property lines are. She said the CCED told her the issue will have to go to a judge unless she and her neighbor can work things out.

“I didn’t come up here to you know take over anybody’s property. I just want what I paid for,” Martin told 9&10.

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