Pet owners reminded to keep animals warm

February 8, 2019

By John Raffel

It’s been stressed before, but Clare County director of animal control Rudi Hicks said it merits to repeat the importance of keeping pets safely warm during extremely cold weather.

“Honestly, they need to bring them in,” Hicks said. “Those three or four days we had last week when the wind chill was like 20 below, they need to bring their dogs and cats in. If it’s not possible, they have to make sure they’re in an insulated area, packed with straw, with extra food and warm water. Water is important. People forget water freezes so quickly. So they have to go out several times a day with warm water for the animals.

“We’ve had a few cases where we spent a lot of time on the road during the cold snap and found six to 10 animals that needed straw. We gave them straw. Some people don’t have the financial means or their landlords won’t let them bring the dog inside or whatever. If the dogs or OK, we help them put straw in it.”

For the most part, pet owners abide by these advisements to keep their pets warm during the brutal cold, Hicks indicated.

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