Pioneering 4th Grade Tradition

May 17, 2013

5-17-13 Wood Duck House Photo

Students and parents were able to make wood duck houses with members from Clare’s Ducks Unlimited.

Mr. Koch and Mr. Gould’s classes pioneered learning success by hosting their first Pioneering a 4th Grade Tradition! During this event, which was hosted by Jay’s Sporting Goods, students presented and supported their research findings on organisms and invasive species to the public. Students and their parents were able to participate in hands-on learning stations such as: archery, trapping, fly-tying, backpacking, taxidermy, and invasive species!
All of these stations were under the direction of the knowledgeable staff of Jay’s and Clare County’s MSU Extension forester, Carli Morgan. The highlight of the event was being able to make wood duck houses with members from Clare’s Ducks Unlimited! This event wouldn’t of been possible without the support of Jay’s Sporting Goods, Clare County’s MSU Extension, Ducks Unlimited, Don Haskin & the staff of Harrison Lumber, Cops and Doughnuts, Faber’s Barbershop, and the Harrison Sportsman’s Club.

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