Ovid youngsters identify Siegel, notify police

October 11, 2018

By Pat Maurer

A Clare County Sheriff’s Office search for Gregory Todd Siegel, also known as Gregory Todd Iafrate, ended October 4th when he was arrested after an Ovid manhunt.

In a post on Facebook, Erica Grim-Cook, said there was a manhunt on the 3rd on her road and in the surrounding area. She said police left the area in the late evening. She had received a text from a neighbor who reported “a man running from a high speed chase and eventual crash.”

Cook said they had locked doors during the evening and waited for more news. She said when police left the area late that evening she “assumed that they had captured the man.”

The following morning after Cook left for work, her two children were approached by a stranger when they left their home to catch the school bus around 6:30 a.m.

Cook said they heard a noise “like someone was walking behind them,” and her son “grabbed a (metal) fence post from a pile in the home’s side yard’ and

Gregory Siegel (aka Iafrate)

Gregory Siegel (aka Iafrate)

continued walking to the end of their drive, turning around to see a man standing in the drive in a hoodie, shorts and barefoot.

The man said he had been lost all night and needed to use their phone.

The boy put his sister behind him, headed back toward the house and told the man that, “his phone was in the house and he would go and get it,” Cook’s post said, then the boy suggested that the man “go down the road a few houses to use their phone.”

The two children, the grandchildren of Lynn Grim of Farwell, made it into the garage, closed the door and called police, who responded and apprehended Siegel.
Grim posted a picture of Siegel on Facebook October 5th with the message, “This is the guy who approached my grandchildren early yesterday on their way out their driveway to catch the school bus in Ovid. He is in custody. Thankful!”

Cook said in her Facebook post that she had told her children the night before about the man, that he was hurt and what he was wearing. She urged other parents, “Please talk to your kids about the hard stuff!…it could save their life!”

Siegel, 29, was being sought by the Clare County Sheriff’s Office on “multiple warrants,” as reported in the September 21st issue of the REVIEW. He was known to have connections in Clare, Isabella, Midland and Bay Counties in the past.

Undersheriff Dwayne Miedzianowski said, “He was arrested down there.  We have (a) hold (on him) and when he is done there we will bring him back here for our charges.”

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