Pepper Spray Ends Stand-off

February 8, 2018

By Pat Maurer

When Mt. Pleasant officers were called to a report of a domestic assault last Friday evening, they ended up in a stand-off situation with a 38-year-old Mt. Pleasant man, Woodrow Lewis.

Public Information Officer Jeff Browne said the 7:17 p.m. call February 2nd was in the 1820 block of South Crawford Road at Country Place Apartments.

Browne said officers were told by Lewis’ wife that the couple were arguing because Lewis believed his wife was “bugging the apartment.”

Reportedly Lewis pushed his wife against the wall and knocked her over a couch. She left the apartment and called police and filed a domestic assault report.

When officers attempted contact with Lewis, he would not at first answer the door, Browne said, then came to the door with an eight to ten inch knife. Officers backed off the residence and contacted the Isabella County Emergency Services Team. The ICES team members are from several jurisdictions and serve as tactical officers and crisis negotiators.

Officers continued to ask Lewis to “exit the residence,” Brown continued, while another officer obtained a domestic assault warrant. Lewis responded with an attempt to start his apartment on fire by burning the drapes.

Police evacuated residents from the apartment building complex.
A decision was made to “introduce pepper spray into the apartment in an attempt to get Lewis out. Lewis surrendered without further incident.

He was arrested and lodged in the Isabella County Jail on the domestic assault charge. The bond set was $10,000/ ten percent.

Mt. Pleasant Police Department officers were assisted at the scene by the Mt. Pleasant Fire Department, Michigan State Police, Central Michigan University Police, the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department and Mobile Medical Response Ambulance Service.

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