Pop up show features South Africa

July 5, 2019

The locals in Zimbabwe refer to Victoria Falls as the “smoke that thunders”.

A Touring Pop-Up Art Show by artist Sandra Doherty began at the 515 Art Gallery for one week in June. It will “Pop-Up” again July 6th.at the Four Leaf Brewery in Clare through July 23rd. The final “Pop-Up” will be at the Clare Depot August 3rd. through August 10th. Clare County Arts Council, the Four Leaf Brewery and the 515 Gallery have collaborated in this unique presentation of paintings from a safari game drive that began in the Makagadikgada National Park in Botswana, South Africa in the fall of 2015.

Artist Doherty has worked for three years developing each painting, that depicts a special event on the safari. Meet Cecil, the proud old lion who was tragically murdered by a hunter illegally coaxing the animal out of the protected park to a farmers land and killed for his multicolored mane. See zebras hanging out in a pond. Stretch your neck to see giraffe munching happily in the tops of trees and hundreds of elephants trampling their way through the scrub and grassland. A wild buffalo fight gauging each other’s eyes with their tusks and a cheetah lying in the grass flicking his tail in warning, as we got too close.

“On sights as beautiful as this, angels in their flight must have gazed”, David Lvingstone, when he saw Victoria Falls. The local people call the falls “smoke that thunders”. Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is more than five miles of thundering falls so loud you cannot talk. The average water flow is one million liters per second. This touring Pop-Up art show is a must to see. If you don’t catch it at one location, watch for it to “Pop-Up” again someplace else.

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