Quilt Block Trail in Clare County

5-10-13 Quilt block trail- Clare County- quiltThe Clare County Arts Council will have its monthly meeting this coming May 14, 2013 at Guys & Dolls Studio on Old 27, just north of Jay’s.  Onita Oles will give a 30 minute presentation on the idea of starting a Quilt Block Trail in Clare County.  Osceola County bordered by Clare County has many quilts on barns in the area around Reed City, Marian, Tustin, Evart, and Hersey which draws the summer bus tours just to see the barn quilts.
Clare County could be the link for a future trail which could benefit tourism in the region.  Onita will explain how a Clare project can be streamlined and what participation is needed to start and plan for a future trail.  She will have brochures from the Osceola project and possibly a sample barn quilt.  This could be a fun project for the entire County of Clare to get involved in.
These quilts are on old barns, new barns and sheds.  Ask Onita about her great quilt block on her shed. Visit the Osceola County website: www.osceolaquilttrail.org
The Clare County Arts Council (CCAC) invites all to an informative and fun meeting.  The meeting is free and open to all.

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