Recreational marijuana legal as of yesterday

December 7, 2018

By Pat Maurer

Thursday, recreational marijuana became legal in Michigan Voters approved the proposal on November 6th in at 1,943,113 yes vote to 1,593,196 against making Michigan the first state in the Midwest and the tenth state in the country to legalize its recreational use.

The legalization Thursday means adults over age 21 are permitted to possess and consume marijuana; that up to 2.5 ounces can be possessed and transported at any time; and up to 10 ounces can be kept at home, but amounts higher than 2.5 ounces must be in a locked container; and that up to 12 marijuana plants can be grown at home, but a state licence is necessary for growing more plants.

Since marijuana is still against Federal law, it is still illegal to use or possess marijuana on Federal land. Also like alcohol, it is illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana and the consumption of marijuana in public is prohibited.

Municipalities have the option to ban retail sales, but cannot ban the consumption by adults over 21. The Clare City Commission approved an ordinance banning the drug’s sale inside the City limits last month.

Clare Police Chief Brian Gregory said, “If people are going to partake in the new marijuana act, I urge them to educate themselves on the ever changing laws about growing, and consuming recreational marijuana.”

“We will be strictly enforcing the ban on operating under the influence and the ban on sales of recreational marijuana inside the City,” he cautioned.
Clare County Sheriff John Wilson said, “It’s the law now and we will work with it.”

He added, “My biggest corners are keeping marijuana out of the hand of those who are under 21, and people who operate a vehicle while they are under the influence despite the law against it.”

Personally I am very concerned about the health effects of long-term use and the health issues that use will cause,” he said.

A state licensing system will be created for marijuana businesses, including growers, processors, transporters and retailers, but retail sales are not expected to begin until next year. Commercial sales of marijuana and marijuana-infused edibles will be permitted through state-licensed retailers and subject to a new ten percent tax that will raise funds for schools, roads and municipalities where those marijuana businesses are located.

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