Recycling raises $600 for school

St. Cecilia School participated in a new fundraiser this year. Together with Benchley Brothers and Fair Salvage of Clare, St. Cecilia collected used electronic items to be recycled.

In 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency estimated that 3.19 million tons of electronic waste was generated, but only 600,000 tons of it was recycled. By partnering with Ron Frisbey from Benchley Brothers, they were able to collect and transport the used business and household electronic equipment, which were delivered to Rick Fancon at Fair Salvage Power Ecycling where they will be recycled.

When the electronic items were weighed at Fair Salvage, 6,340 pounds were tallied for a total of $574.94. Benchley Brothers donated the hauling equipment and volunteers to drive to Fair Salvage.

The families of St. Cecilia chose this project because they wanted to do something to show the children that everyone needs to be responsible users of the earth, one of the great gifts given by God. They also wanted to show the children that all God’s people should lend a helping hand to the less fortunate, so a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the “Hands and Feet Project.” With Christian morals and the love of Christ, the “Hands and Feet Project” raises orphaned children and helps mothers in crisis keep their children.

St. Cecilia Catholic School will receive 95 percent of the money generated from the recycled material. The remaining five percent will be donated to the Hands and Feet Project. There is also a five percent match to Hand and Feet by Fair Salvage.

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