Rep. Johnson meets with gas plant opponents

By Barbara Lambdin
11-1-13 Lamdon 102_1929October 21, 2013, several Hamilton Township residents met with State Representative, Joel Johnson at the Clare airport. Concerns were voiced about the construction of a gas processing facility on Stockwell Road.

The close proximity to homes, farms and tourist, threat to well water, the use of antiquated pipelines, high volumes of traffic, noise, air pollution distantly monitored in Houghton Lake, and the location of emergency responders, were just a few of the concerns presented to Joel.

Representative Johnson listened to the concerns presented to him and amidst the amicable discussion, took extensive notes. He assured the Hamilton Township residents that he would have his staff assist him in investigating concerns and answering their questions.

Questions such as what permits would be needed by the gas company and who would be responsible for issuing or denying said permits were discussed. Residents have been receiving numerous conflicting statements from the DEQ, Midstream, and other officials.

The experience left those in attendance satisfied that their voices had been heard and encouraged others to meet with their local representatives concerning the gas plant or any other matter of importance.

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