Resident asks Farwell Board to police teens

May 10, 2013

By Pat Maurer

A Farwell resident was at the Farwell Village meeting Monday evening to ask, “Can anything be done about kids swimming, using foul language and obstructing traffic at the Hall Street bridge over the Tobacco River?”
Mike Ashley, who lives by the bridge, said he has a real problem with teens there. “I can’t even let my grandkids play outside because of the language,” he said. He said they also obstruct traffic there and have even “laid down in the road” in front of vehicles. “Besides, that bridge just isn’t safe,” he said. “If it collapses, someone could be seriously hurt or even killed.”
When asked about reporting the problem, Ashley said he has called the Sheriff’s Department “many, many times,” but they don’t use the bad language when the police are there and usually just get a warning. “Summer’s almost here,” he said, “and the problems will be starting again when school lets out.”
Zoning Administrator Rod Williams reported that when signs prohibiting swimming there are posted, they are torn down by the youngsters. He said he would contact the Clare County Sheriff’s Department about the matter.
In another matter, The Village Council voted to advertise for people interested in filling the Council seat of ten-year board member Delores Knepper, who died last month.
Knepper was first elected to the board in 2003 and had lived in the area most of her life. She was in Florida at the time of her death. She was married to the late Harold Knepper and had one son Brad Disbrow of the Houghton Lake area; and four grandchildren.
Her term on the board expires in December of 2014. The board will appoint a person to fill the remainder of her term.
In other business Monday, the board:
*heard a report from Genine Hopkins that the Mid Michigan Community Health Department has received approval to proceed with a building project on the south side of Harrison that will house the Health Department and a new Dental Clinic and a free medical clinic. They are hoping to break ground in July and complete the facility eight months later.
*are considering a request to dedicate the horseshoe pit area of the park to Forrest (Frosty) Wyrick, who was instrumental in developing the area. He died last month. Council member Gina Hamilton said she would like to approach the chamber about the matter.
*approved registration costs and lodging for the Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks Annual Conference in June.
*approved membership in the Michigan Municipal Treasurer’s Association.
*discussed the office renovation and selected carpet and approved the purchase of a desk.
*approved bills totaling $22,525.35 for April.

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