Residents react to Walmart on Facebook

February 16, 2017

Bummer!! I’d love to see ALDI USA come into the old Valu Land store.

Wally world will kill your downtown business and will suck the life out of the old town and make it an empty shell. How many products can you find that is made in USA, support America our homeland, or support China, they fly a different red flag with sell out America all over it, the love of the dollar are there true colors. They just sold us out to fill their pockets, make China great so they can kick our butts, not very smart. They are beating the war drum already and we are so blind.

No it wouldn’t. How many local people drive to Walmart now? I know I do. And downtown cater to tourist anymore. Other than a once in a while trip to the electronic store or to get a doughnut, in the 9 years I’ve lived near Clare I’ve never been to a downtown store. I doubt I’m the only one. So now our option for groceries is Witbecks super pricey.

Let alone pricey it’s gross and full of nasty people constantly!

people like us on a fixed income cannot shop in Clare, 1 grocery store which is twice the price I want to pay or can, a clothing store only the rich (which is not me) can afford..Not one place in town to buy bedding and the list goes on and on…Plus the gas we pay to go 60 miles round trip to Mt Pleasant from our house so yes we do need a Major Store in Clare..

Not good, Clare actually needs more shopping stores, who wants to drive to Mt. Pleasant Every time we need a household item, clothing, or food..Nice to have all under one roof..Yes Clare has Witbecks, Ace and an expensive clothing store for women… I think we need that Walmart for many reasons..

That sucks. We lost the only good grocery store in town because of Wal-Mart supposed to be coming in, now they aren’t.

Value land closing had nothing to do with Walmart

Still, with valu land gone and no walmart we are stuck with going to a crappy place or driving to Mt. Pleasant or Midland to go to Wal-Mart

This is Great News! We are So Glad that Evil Company won’t be coming! and The Amish will be happy they won’t deal with the big Traffic

That sucks, wish they would reconsider. As far as the other businesses it might be not having to pay$10.00 for one pair of socks.

Hope someone will turn the Valu land store into an Organic Store

Guess I’ll continue to go to Mt Pleasant shopping
Jerriann That’s exactly what I’ve been doing for years. Can’t afford Family Fare prices

Fran S
I would rather have a Meijer’s or Costco.

I sure was not holding my breath that it would happen

I knew that wasn’t gonna happen.

Wish valu land would come back now

Kinda sucks eh

stinks!! Woulda been nice to have one so close..

From Website

family and I have been looking forward to Walmart coming to Clare. Most of the people I know feel the same way. We can’t afford spending extra on gas just to shop at the Mt Pleasant store and are forced to spend more at local stores. This would bring 300 much needed jobs to this area as well. Clare county is hurting financially. I pray they change their minds and go ahead and build as soon as possible.


Hallelujah!!! Glad that they finally saw the writing on the wall. With other Walmarts within 15-20 minute drives, it wouldn’t have survived.

Thank goodness the small business people of Clare and surrounding areas including Harrison and smaller villages will not be put out of business. Their only chance of survival with Walmart here would be to diversify into products not sold at Walmart and yet have a need. We have already lost one grocery store because the owners of their rental property were just a bit greedy by requiring a new long term lease. Too bad. You both now have lost. Hooray for the little guy. May you all prosper and watch Clare continue to grow.

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