Road Commission spends millions to improve roads

September 7, 2017

By John Raffel

Deepak Gupta, Engineer-Manager of the Clare County Road Commission, said the following road work has been completed:

Federally funded chip seal, 22.36 miles, $687,000; locally funded chip seal 11.4 miles, $342,000; Asphalt Skip Patch Locations, 7 miles; gravel and drainage Reconstruction, 22.62 miles, near completion with 4 miles left, $2,200,000;

asphalt overlay, 8.35 miles, $700,000; micro milling pavement, 6 miles, $36,000, large culvert replacement, $60,000; bridge repair, September/October construction,$15,000; Crack Seal Program; Pavement Line Stripping, $80,000; Brush Spray Program four townships in Northeast Quadrant, $50,000; Brush Cutting Program, All over county; MDOT mowing; Emergency Flood Repairs, $110,000.

“We are having another busy and productive year,” Gupta said. “All of our projects are right on target and we plan to complete them all during this construction season. For the majority of the summer, the weather has been cooperative, which has enabled us to make a big push towards improving roads in our county. While the reconstruction required during the Emergency Flood Repair put us two weeks behind on our planned construction schedule, we have since caught up. I’m very proud of how our entire road commission crew really stepped up during this emergency.

“The total repair costs were approximately $110,000. Fortunately, we were not hit as hard as some adjacent counties. The Emergency Flood Repair included fixing approximately 16 minor washouts on various county roads in addition to 4 major washouts at the following locations: Sheridan Township, Washington (Hoover to Tobacco); Sheridan Township, Washington (Tobacco to Brand); Grant Township, Harrison (County line to Maple) and Freeman Township,  Strawberry (Mannsiding to Monroe).”

Gupta said the townships continue to be strong partners with the road commission.  “They are contributing a total of over 1 million dollars for local projects this year,” he said. “Next year, the State of Michigan Gas Tax and Vehicle registration fees are expected to bring in $375,000 in additional revenue. We plan on using all of these additional dollars for more road maintenance and construction.”

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