School of Choice deadline Aug. 12

July 25, 2014

Deadline for school of choice application slated for 2014-2015 school year

Under the Schools of Choice legislation (Section 105 and Section 105(c) of the School Aid Act), kindergarten through twelfth grade students residing within Clare Gladwin Regional Education Service District (RESD) and contiguous intermediate school districts may apply to attend participating public school districts in the two-county region, including Beaverton Rural Schools, Clare Public Schools, Farwell Area Schools, Gladwin Community Schools, and Harrison Community Schools.

Transportation for these students is the responsibility of the parents or guardians.

The participating schools are listed below. For those grades or programs allowing an unlimited number of students from other school districts, request/application must be made to the preferred school district by no later than the end of the first week of school. For those grades or programs with a limited number of openings, the 15-day application period is from August 12 to August 30, 2014.

The schools accepting students from other school districts during the first semester/trimester of the 2014-2015 school year include:

Beaverton Rural Schools, Gladwin Community Schools, and Farwell Area Schools

*All grades and programs (unlimited openings)

 Harrison Community Schools, Larson Elementary

*Kindergarten- 2nd grade: No openings

Hillside Elementary

*3rd grade: 12 openings

• 4th – 5th grades: No openings

Middle School

• 6th – 8th grades: 20 openings each

High School

• 9th grade: 5 openings

• 10th grade: 3 openings

• 11th – 12th grades: No openings

•  Alternative Education: Unlimited openings

 Clare Public Schools


• Kindergarten – 2nd grades: 10 openings each

• 3rd grade: 5 openings

• 4th grade: 5 openings


• 5th – 7th grades: No openings

• 8th grade: 10 openings

High School

• 9th – 12th grades: Limited openings

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