Pioneer High graduates 32

June 8, 2018

Pioneer High School Adult Education Graduating Class of 2018 had a total of 32 graduates this year. Graduation was held on May 15th, 2018 in the Clare Middle School auditorium.

6-8-18 Pioneer High Student Graduation

Front Row: Austyn Swansey, Naomi Jacot, Jennifer Craven, Sara Risch, Brook Smith, Cadige Boussi and Caitlynn Stoll. Second Row: Ayesha Alexander, Charlotte Alcorn, Lola Shea, Lilly Luckett, Shannon Landry, Brittany Johnson and Anna Kinberg.
Third Row: Braxton Vaquez, Georgette Kelley, Principal/Director, Mackenzie Cooper, Hannah Showers, Trevor Sperry and Tammy Genaw. Back Row: Daniel Thayer, Tom Layow, David Janetski, Jessica Peters, Justus Stalter and Kenny Wood.
Not Pictured: Chesea Ferguson, Robert Gabert, Jeffery Kennedy, Cole Krocker, Dakota Ross, Skyler Shilakes and Richard Wickey.

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