Schuh not happy that county chose another cleaning firm

By Genine Hopkins

Clare County’s Board of Commissioners met on Wednesday, May 17, 2013, at 9 a.m.  Below are some of the items discussed:
Bill Schuh, of Schuh’s Cleaning, spoke during the General Public Comment Portion at roughly 9:10 a.m., after the previous meeting’s minutes and the current agenda was approved.  Schuh expressed his dismay with the county choosing to replace his company in providing janitorial services to the County Building.

Paul Lapham, the County Surveyor, spoke about the County’s Remonumentation Program.  This program, which has been ongoing for years, was renewed by the BOC for the 2013-2014 year.  Lapham updated the BOC on what had progressed over the past year.  The Remonumentation Program surveys and confirms the matching of all the county borders and the townships within, referred to as “corners.”  It is from these corners that surveyors use to survey for state and private land boundaries.

County Emergency Manager Jerry Becker discussed the position of Citizen Planner before the board.  Becker stated that time constraints would not allow him the proper time to train a new employee and suggested the county seek alternatives through Region 6, to pursue utilizing their personnel for the tasks required.

The BOC approved the Statutory Finance Committee meeting minutes from April 16, 2013,
Monthly expenditures were approved in the sum of $5,259,150.22, with General Fund expenditures in the sum of $765,741.00.
The board approved a request by the CCSD (Clare County Sheriff’s Department) to purchase a 55 lb Dual Digital Gas Tumbler-Dryer, at a price of $3,529.00.  The previous dryer had stopped working and the amount was already in the CCSD budget for FY 2013.

Budget adjustments were approved for payment of departmental bills.

The award for janitorial services for the county were approved.  AWOL produced the lowest bid that met all requirements; a total of three vendors submitted bids and interviews conducted.  As indicated earlier, the contract was previously with Schuh Cleaning.

A motion to move forward on implementing hard caps for Court employees, including non-union and elected officials was made, to stay within the guidelines set up by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.  An Open Enrollment period is expected to be made soon for Court employees.

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