Sharp as a tack at 101

By Pat Maurer

2-15-13 Ida Foor 100_5816Ida Foor of Farwell celebrated her 101st birthday on Valentine’s Day Thursday at the Farwell Senior Community Center with family and friends.

Ida attributes her longevity to “lots of hard work and eating good food” her whole life long. “When I was growing up we had to work for everything we had,” she said. She was born in Frost Township north of Harrison where her family had homesteaded and was one of six children. “We all worked, but I got more than my share,” she said. “They would always say, ‘Ida will do it,’ so I did.” She said she even trained horses.

When she went to Clare High School in the late 1920s, she worked to support herself and pay for her room at the old boarding house in Clare by the railroad. She cleaned houses and babysat. Later on she was a bartender at Weaver’s (Now DJ’s) in Farwell, although she never drank or smoked.

Ida graduated from Clare in 1931 and still has her high school yearbook and diploma. She has lived in Farwell for the past 70 years and was married twice, first to Joe Wardell and then to William Foor. Both are deceased now. Ida cared for her mother until her death at 99. She said her secret is, “We learned how to work, how to live and how to survive. It was a hard life.”

The special Valentine’s Day/Birthday party was planned by Ida’s nephew and neice, Mike Ashley and his sister Terry Ashley, with the help of Center President Carolyn Welch. “They are very special people,” Ada said. Mike said he is also a life long resident, born at home in Farwell “right in front of our fireplace.” He said these days, Ada’s very favorite thing is ice cream. “She loves it,” he said.