Sheridan, Greenwood will get a tax rollback

By Genine Hopkins

Kim Halis

Kim Halis

According to the County Equalizer Kim Halis, homeowners in Greenwood and Sheridan Townships and non-homestead properties in the Clare Public Schools District will get a “Headlee” rollback for the Summer 2013 taxes.  This news was presented to the Clare County Board of Commissioners at their regular meeting on Weds., June 19, 2013.

Apparently the two townships were over assessed and with the State of Michigan taxation equations are due the rollback.
“The county will stand to lose approximately $4.8 million in operating costs if it is levied,” Halis told the BOC, “Senior Services will lose $492,174, the Transit will lose $307,609 and the County’s 911 will lose $358,877.”

Halis also explained that this rollback occurring during the summer tax rolls is the reason for the county losing so much in operating dollars.

“With the system set up the way it is, the local municipalities, including most school districts, take the winter taxes and the county receives the summer taxes.  This allows more time for home buyers to claim the homestead tax which used to be mandatory by May first, but now is extended until December for most counties.  In the end, the county will lose funding but the homeowners will get a break.”

The news was not received well by the BOC, although they were happy homeowners were getting a break.  But losing local dollars to help support the services provided by the county will make this year’s budget – the FY 2013 budget, crunched, with less revenue that originally anticipated.

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