Clare runners win six of seven races at MMCC

September 4, 2014

9-5-14 claregrunnersBy Ben Murphy

Clare had a winner in six of the seven races during Wednesday’s annual Clare Invitational, held at Mid-Michigan Community College. The race pits each grade against each other, with boys and girls running together.

Jimmy Teall won the ninth grade race with a first place finish and time of 18:22, Noah Nivison was 11th at 20:48, Natalee Kunse was 20th 23:12, JJ Gros was 26th at 24:37, Ellie Kaechelle was 33rd at 25:53 and Hannah Showers was 41st with a time of 31:59.

In the 10th grade race Ben Haupt was a winner with a time of 18:17, Scotty Baldwin was 11th at 19:47, Holly Pummell was 18th at 22:12, Makenzie Harmon was 23rd at 23:02, Hannah Brown was 24th at 23:14, Lauryn Fairchild was 33rd at 24:52, Jordyn Bradley was 34th at 25:09, Ashley Boulis placed 40th at 27:03 and in 45th was Kayla Junge with a time of 29:43.

Clare had another winner in the 11th grade race in Chase Field, timing out at 18:50, Nick Wertheimer was sixth at 20:23, Madison McPhee was 25th at 24:22, Hannah Bauman was 30th at 25:28, Bethanie Jones was 38th at 27:44, Molly Merillat was 41st with a time of 28:36, In 42nd at 28:39 and Jilliap Pappas was 49th at 31:27.

Kevin Spicer-Torres was the winner in the senior race, with a time of 17:25, Kyler Phillips was second at 17:38, Mike Wertheimer was sixth at 19:43 and Olivia Walworth was 31st with a time of 28:37.

In the eighth grade race David Good won with a time of 7:05, Aidan Boyd was third at 7:29, Lainey Veenkant was fourth at 7:34, Jayce Miller was seventh at 7:55 and Olivia Haring was 15th at 8:38.

Seventh graders were led by Cristian Kunse at 8:15 with a first place finish, Kaleb Schroeder was fourth at 8:42, Ashlyn Miller was fifth at 8:44 and Kameron Haag was 10th at 9:06.

Top sixth graders for Clare were Hatte Veenkant in second place with a time of 8:19, Abby Leigh had a seventh place finish and time at 8:54 and Katherine Haupt was eighth at 9:03. Paige Carstensen was 12th at 9:19 and Grace Knaack was 13th at 9:20.


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