Spring: Time to get maintenance done on house

March 24, 2016

3-25-16 Guy Fixing Garage DoorBy Pat Maurer
Review Correspondent

When the warm weather and sunshine are back, it is a good time to think about spring home maintenance, says consumersreports.org who outlined steps to a summer-ready home.

Spring is a good time to check the deck for water stains where it attaches to the house. If you find any, call a pro to investigate. If not, power wash the deck to remove moss and mold that has accumulated since last summer. A clean deck can give your house a fresh look. You can rent a pressure washer for this job at Resource Rental, located on the south side of Clare next to the roundabout. They also carry paint sprayers to spruce up your deck with stain or your siding with fresh paint and they recently increased their inventory of contractor tools for those maintenance chores.

If you have always wanted a deck or need to replace one, you can find the building materials you need, include treated lumber for a spring project at Hershberger Hardware at 10289 North Leaton Road on the east side of Clare. They also carry what you need for roof repair and pond and stone foam designed for exterior repair.

Walk around the house and inspect the foundation for hairline cracks. If you find any, mark them with tape and recheck them in six months. If they are bigger, you should call a structural engineer. If not, fill them an epoxy injection system.

Check the siding and foundation for holes at the same time. Fill those with expandable foam and clear away any leaves to check for pellet shaped droppings and shed wing from termites. If you find any call a professional.

Check the garage door operation. Open it manually – it should open easily and stay open about three feet above the floor. Check the reversing mechanism with a 2 by 4 laid flat under the door.  It should reverse itself easily when closing. If it doesn’t call a professional.

Use a type 1A ladder to clear gutters and check them for corrosion, joint separation and loose fasteners.3-25-16 SHG Couple Cleaning House For a two story home you will have to use an extension ladder. Do not use aluminum near power lines.  After checking, flush the downspouts with a hose and unclog the leader pipes. They should extend five feet away from the house.

Check the siding under the eaves for stains. Inside, check the attic rafters for water stains and check the ceilings in rooms for water stains. Seal around vent pipes and chimneys or call a pro to repair leaks in the roof. On the roof check for cracked, curled or missing shingles. Asphalt shingles are generally good for 20 years. Look for any broken branches that could fall on the roof or power lines and remove them or have an arborist remove them.

Patch cracks in paving outside before weeds can get a foothold.
Spring is a great time to clean carpets and clean out the ductwork. Central Restoration Inc. of Clare can do that for you and they also will do an energy audit to see if you qualify for energy credits for upgrades.
Get the air conditioner ready for summer. Disconnect the power to the outdoor condenser on the air conditioner. Clear it of leaves and debris with a vent brush, power blower, garden hose or a brush attachment on the household vacuum cleaner. If your yard has lots of nearby trees or plants you can wrap the condenser coil with fiberglass mesh to keep it clean. Vacuum the grille and register inside and change the furnace filter. You can also do it the easy way. Just call a professional at your local heating and cooling business to get your equipment ready for hot weather.

Once the maintenance is done, you might want to think about spring cleaning. One of the biggest parts of spring cleaning is getting rid of clutter that you don’t need. Use these Clear out the stuff you don’t use one room at a time. Plan a garage sale. Box up items you don’t need and donate items that are taking up space. Take advantage of the natural urge that comes each spring to get rid of items that are weighing you down and begin fresh with a more streamlined lifestyle. While we may have a tendency to hoard and hold on to items in the winter, we generally are more ready to let go of clutter when spring arrives Cleaning will be a lot easier when the clutter is gone. You can go through the house room by room, dust, vacuum and wash windows inside and out. Then fill cracks and touch up or repaint rooms that need it for a total fresh spring look.

Outdoors you can get out the patio furniture again. A power washer works wonders at making that look like new again too.

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