Stranded man saved from drowning

July 6, 2017

Duggan’s Canoe Livery

Duggan’s Canoe Livery

By Pat Maurer

A tragedy was averted Tuesday afternoon when a man stranded in the Muskegon River was rescued by Clare County deputies and the Harrison Fire Department.
Central Dispatch got a call a canoe had capsized and three people, two men and a woman, had “gone into the river” near Duggan’s Canoe Livery around 2:50 in the afternoon July 5. The caller said two of the three had managed to make is ashore but the third, a 54-year-old man identified as Ronald Devoe of Durand, was holding onto a tree because the water he was in was too deep for him to stand. His nephew Curtis Fisher of Lake George was attempting to help Devoe.

A release from the Clare County Sheriff’s Department said, “He was struggling to maintain contact with the tree while fighting the current of the river.”

A deputy, who was the first on the scene, located the man still in the river about a half mile south of M-61, and radioed Central Dispatch to send a boat so he could be reached.

The deputy also requested an ambulance because he was told the man had diabetes and a history of heart disease, the release said.

A boat arrived and deputies and personnel from the Harrison Fire Department used it to located the stranded man. Curtis was still in the water helping Ronald maintain contact with the tree, and helping to prevent Ronald from being swept downriver or go under the water.

They were able to get him into the boat and he was taken back to Duggan’s Canoe Livery where paramedics from Mobile Medical Ambulance service treated him.

The woman who managed to get to shore also was treated by the ambulance personnel.

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