Strickland, Grams sentenced Monday

In Circuit Court Monday, Judge Thomas Evans sentenced two men to prison time, one for Home Invasion as a habitual offender and the second for Retail Fraud as a habitual offender.

Habitual offenders Mickel Lee Strickland and Edward Anthony Grams both pled guilty and were sentenced to prison time.

Strickland pled guilty March 5 to a June, 2010 break in Lake George. At the time he entered that plea, he had already been sentenced to prison for a 12 years to 20 years for Assault with Intent to Rob while Armed, Home Invasion 1st Degree, Larceny from a Person, and Resist and Obstruct a Police officer in another county.

During the 2010 break in, the homeowners who were asleep in the home and woke to find Strickland rifling through items, gathering things to steal. One of the homeowners got into a physical altercation with the suspect, but he escaped.

Through an investigation and DNA analysis of clothing left behind, Strickland was identified as the suspect and he was charged in July 2011 with Home Invasion, first degree, second offence; and as a habitual offender, felony charges punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

Judge Evans sentenced Strickland to from 12 years to 20 years in prison with credit for 119 days already served; No contact with the victims; $3964.33 in restitution to the victims; $68 state costs; $130 crime victim rights fee; and $1500 fines, costs, and court appointed attorney fees.

Grams, who was charged with Retail Fraud, second degree, second offense and 4th offense habitual offender for an August 17, 2011 break in.

On March 22, 2012, the Grams entered a plea as charged, with the agreement that a companion case where he was charged with Larceny in a Building for stealing a cell phone would be dismissed. When he entered his plea, Grams was already serving a prison term of three years, 10 months to 20 years on a weapons charge as a habitual 4th offender, for a case in another county.

Judge Evans sentenced Grams to 17 months to 15 years in prison with credit for 266 days already served; $136 state costs; $130 crime victim rights fee; and $1500 fines, costs, and court appointed attorney fees.

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  1. bigd

    May 11, 2012 at 11:40 pm

    there was no investigation! it was incompetent police work. there was another person arrested for this due to a finger pointer.. they were all wrong, 1000000 % wrong! the state crime lab solved this case. the co. was #$$%^^&&&**… The finger pointer has no remorse/no care. SAD! The strickland case went on for 13 mo. b-4 dna. the co. is just _____________The k-9 was smarter than the officers involved..The finger pointer didn’t care.. he was embarrassed, he let the guy get away. So he caused trouble for the wrong people. this was lake george area.