Students, Parent Protest, Others Support Griffin’s School Presentations

October 9, 2019

Counter Culture Mom Tina Griffin

By Pat Maurer

Editor’s note: Due to a print error, the continuation of this story was not in the September 27th issue of the Review. Following is a summary of that article.

An assembly in Harrison High School was cancelled September 20th after some parents and students protested about the content.

Tina Marie Griffin, who calls herself the Counter Culture Mom, has spoken to high school audiences across the country about how “pop culture and media is glamorizing harmful behaviors without showing the consequences and how these messages are eroding the foundational development of today’s youth,” her website said.
Griffin spoke at Farwell and Clare Thursday, and was scheduled to speak at Harrison and Gladwin on Friday, but her appearance at Harrison was cancelled following complaints and what she called “cyberbullying” on multiple Facebook Posts.

Harrison Superintendent Rick Foote confirmed that Harrison had cancelled the assembly Friday. He said, “My High School principal, based on feedback Friday morning from his students, made the decision to cancel.”

Clare students heard Griffin’s presentation at their Thursday assembly.

Superintendent Jim Walter II said, “The content of the assembly focused on positive and real self-images, the agenda of the entertainment industry and Hollywood idolization, the dangers of “sexting” and its consequences, and students finding their own gifts, talents, and passions.  We heard both support and criticism of Ms. Griffin from parents and students.  Our students and community are plenty strong enough to hear important messages and be discerning people as we continue to try and be a great school district for kids, and we have a staff that believes in each and every young person here.”

Many objected with Griffin’s agenda and religious beliefs and voiced their concerns, sometimes violently, on Facebook.

Griffin said, “I came in to talk about what the schools asked me to talk about and to help the people’s children (and parents) who are now complaining that I was there. I didn’t talk about religion, LGBT, anything offensive in the school assemblies.” She added they (parents) had a chance to opt their children out (of the assemblies).

Although Griffin said she didn’t talk about her religious beliefs, one student posted, “Yes you did talk about your religion. I recall you mentioned God more than a few times and that I quote, ‘Satan will rule the earth through air waves. The bible says so’. How did I get this quote? I went to both of your nonsense filled shpeals in Clare High School, the one in which you disclosed a small portion of your message and the community one (held after the assembly)… You offended me and many of my straight and LGBT friends and classmates…”

This week Griffin said the comment was made in the parents meeting but not in the assembly. She said, “Satan is deceiving the masses through entertainment. I gave several key examples of that in my ‘parent event’. Concerned parents can download my Counter Culture Mom app and click on ‘ALERTS’ to see exactly what Hollywood is pumping into our youth today. I believe this is a key reason why we are seeing so many teen struggle with cutting, suicide, sex, gender identity issues, swearing bullying, disrespect etc. They learn this behavior from what they are exposed to in pop culture.”

The posts continued for hours with many supporting Griffin’s presentation and others opposed.

Angela Marie Isaac summed it up in her post about all of the negative comments that were put on Facebook, “So here we are, 4 hours later, and not one of you have said what was so ‘objectionable’ that she [Griffin] spoke about. I’ve heard some people say that they were upset because she said ‘like my Facebook page’ and some kids found that she doesn’t agree with LGBTQ lifestyle. Newsflash to those kids – not everyone is going to agree with your sexual proclivities. Nor should they be forced to. … Her speech was about the negative messages in the media, things that are indeed causing kids to self-harm, to shoot up schools, and [that] Hollywood idolization is bad … And you’re maybe worried that a kid saw a thing on a Facebook page that says they don’t agree with a lifestyle.”

Griffin, a former actress who has been presenting assemblies to teens at schools around the country for 17 years, said, “It is the first time ever…a school has ever canceled my presentation.”

For more information check out Her free parent media guide can be obtained by texting GUIDE to the number 444999.

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