Surrey approves $500 fine for no building permit

By Pat Maurer

Review Correspondent

Representing the Farwell Museum, Maxine Paesens was at the Surrey Township meeting Tuesday to express appreciation to the Surrey Township Board for their support of the museum.

“I wanted to say thank you for all of the support you have given us over the years,” she said. In another matter the township board approved a resolution setting the fine for not having a building permit at $500.

“This is primarily aimed at contractors and those who know they need to get a permit,” said Superintendent Russ Hamilton. Rod Williams, Zoning Administrator said those who are not aware that they should have a permit would get a warning the fi rst time. Offenders will still pay a penalty as the permits are doubled when they do get them.

Williams also told the board that grant proposals have been submitted to the health department for funding to update the township’s Master Plan and develop a Parks and Recreation Master Plan. “This will open up opportunities for other grants,” he told the board.

It was a quiet meeting at the township with the only other business being setting May 22 and August 25 as tentative road brining dates; approval of a quote from Twin Lakes to clean building carpets at a cost of approximately $465 and approval of the low quote from Charter at $178.89 per month for phone service.

During his report, Fire Chief Dave Williams asked the board if the outstanding balance of $43,978.83 for the department tender could be paid off early, saving about $1,000 in interest charges. The board approved the payment with the money to come from the fund balance.

He also said a few changes had been made on the development of an ordinance for fire safety and fire prevention and that turn-out gear had been ordered and would be delivered in four to six weeks.

County Commissioner Lynn Grim also gave report on the county activities. She said drug forfeiture money would be used to purchase a patrol car for the BAYANET (Bay Area Narcotics Enforcement Team) officer. Bills totaling $19,173.15 were approved for payment with a bill from Waste Management for $8,349.84 put on hold until questions about the account are answered.

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