Surrey decides against grass ordinance

April 27, 2012

Surrey Township decided at their April 10 meeting not to put a grass/weed ordinance into effect.

After several months of discussion about the matter, Planning Commission Chair Mahlon Parsons said that board was recommending an alternative method to handle the one or two complaints the township gets each year.

“We are recommending a polite letter to each offender,” he said. “The Planning Commission is recommending using that method for a five or six month trial period. If you receive numerous complaints we will look at it again.”

Board member Joe Maxey asked if it is an issue at Surrey Lake. Kathy Jankowski, representing the Lake Board, said it wasn’t really a problem.

The board approved a motion to use the letter method for a six month trial period.

The board also voted to approve a Point & Pay program for tax credit card payments. It would be an “in-person” program only, said Treasurer Esther Pitchford. The program, the same as the one the county is using would add 3.5 percent to the cost to the taxpayer.

In other business:

*The board decided to provide a Waste Management recycle container at the Farwell Village DPW once a month on the fourth weekend. The Village already provides recycling there on the second weekend of the month, Commissioner Lynn Grim reported.

*Brining quotes were received from two companies, Michigan Chloride Sales, at .115 per gallon, the company currently used, and Liquid Calcium Chloride Sales, Inc. at a rate of .12 per gallon. The Board approved using the same company and decided to have roads brined before Memorial Day and Labor Day.

*Clean up week was also discussed and will be June 11 through 16 if that works with the WMI schedule or on June 18-23 for a second choice. The board will vote on that matter in May.

*Clare County Sheriff’s Deputy Kevin Roland reported a quiet month in the township with only six arrests and no major problems.

*Sheriff Candidate Mark McClellan introduced himself and spoke briefly about his qualifications for Sheriff.

*The board approved a resolution for the township pension plan amendments as required by the Internal Revenue Service incorporating the Heroes Earnings Assistance and Relief Act of 2008 and Worker, Retiree and Employer Recovery Act of 2008 changes.

*The board approved the payment of monthly bills totaling $21,871.54.

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One Response to Surrey decides against grass ordinance

  1. drsuess

    May 1, 2012 at 2:48 am

    “*Clare County Sheriff’s Deputy Kevin Roland reported a quiet month in the township with only six arrests and no major problems.” …Nothing against Deputy Roland, but how many tickets were written during that period for speeding on Superior Street? How much revenue was raised by the tickets? The county screams it is broke, but rarely do you see an officer in a problem area running radar…at least in Farwell. Any comments from the Sheriff or his opponents?