Surrey Lake resident requests Sunday hours for transfer station

September 23, 2011

By Pat Maurer

Review Correspondent

Surrey Lake Association President Kathy Jankowski told the Surrey Township Board that she is getting “a lot of complaints” from weekend residents around the lake because of their trash disposal problems.

“People who are here only on the weekends can’t take their trash to the transfer station because it is closed,” she said.

She introduced one cottage owner, Duane Haapala, who has been a part-time resident for 45 years.

In a letter to the board, he wrote, “45 years paying taxes, transfer facility assessments and spending money in the community; 45 years of transferring garbage that is generated in Surrey Township to garbage facilities at home – down state.”

He said the transfer facility is only open four days a week, none of which benefit the people who are up on weekends, because it is closed on Sundays. “Most of the garbage is generated on Saturday and Sunday,” he said. “You wouldn’t like it if we brought our garbage up here to dispose of it.”

He continued, “Cottage residents are subsidizing the cost of the transfer facility for all of the permanent residents.” Surrey Township property owners pay $59 per year for the station.

Haapala suggested moving one of the weekday’s hours to Sunday afternoon or implementing a pay as you go system, “so people who are unable to use the facility are not subsidizing those who are.”

Township Clerk Glenna Bradbury said she had contacted Waste Management, who told her they do not have Sunday hours.

The board discussed the contract with Waste Management and Bradbury said she would contact other refuse haulers for more information.

In another matter, the board discussed the request for mileage reimbursement from the Clare County Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff is requesting that the township and Village pay $.5555 per mile for road patrol in the area in addition to the contract rate for an officer.

Deputy Kevin Roland said in the past few months officers have been trying to keep mileage down because of the fuel costs. “We are trying to drive as little as possible,” he said. He estimated that he drives between 90 and 100 miles per day. At 137 miles per day, the average from the first six months of the year, Bradbury said the cost would be an additional $6,800 to $7,800 per year.

Possible additional costs for the Safe Routes to School project were also discussed, although no decision was made yet. “If the project goes over budget,” Bradbury said, “the Road Commission would be responsible as the project owner. Since they cannot pay additional costs, they want an agreement that the three partners, the school, Village and Township, would pay those costs.” She said CCRC Manager Ron Bushong said the project has been estimated below the projected costs and that additional costs are not likely. The matter was tabled until the October meeting.

Other business at the meeting Tuesday evening included:

*A zoning report from Rod Williams.

*A report from Fire Chief Dave Williams and a request, approved by the board, to purchase 4 sets of turn out gear at a cost of $6,800 and two 1 ½ inch nozzles at a cost of $1,200 plus shipping. Williams also asked for and got board approval to advertise for medical personnel and additional firefighters.

*County Commissioner Lynn Grim reported on that boards activities and the progress on installing broad band towers for internet access.

*A report from Deputy Kevin Roland on patrol activies.

*Approval of James Conlay as alternate on the Board of Review.

*Approval of a three-year renewal of the sprinkler system service agreement.

*Approval of a $695 bid for carpet cleaning from Twin Lakes Carpet and Floor Care of Lake.

*Approval of a licensing agreement and support agreement for BS & A for $990 per year.

*A thank-you from Paul Peet for additional amounts of brining on South Road.

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